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    Bonjour! mon nom est Archangela Grethania, 15 yo, the owner of this blog. It's made at 14/05/04 and will mainly talk about DIY things, fashion ideas, photography, events, and teenagers problem. Love to love and love to experimenting. Merci pour être tombé par ! xoxo.

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    Are you Sweet or Spice?

    Friday, July 25 2014



    Hey guys, are you kind of  person that is sweet or spice?

    For the sweet one, you can wear a romantic color like soft pink perhaps.

    For the shoes, even though i prefer wearing heels you can never say no to a flat right? It way way more comfortable than wearing heels! You have to choose the perf accessories for the sweet look, choose the colors that are more neutral, gold or silver jewellery perhaps. For an extra sweet looking touch add a flower on your hair, not as big as mine tho lol.

    Let's talk about makeup! I'm just wearing a bb cream so my face has a natural finish, for lips I'm using lip tint

    My outfit is something you can wear to the party, it has a flower in it

    Flower Earings from Forever 21
    Flower Crown, my mom made it for me yay 
    Pink Dress

    Lets move to the second looks! Because we wanted to show our edgy look, Im here wearing a black muscle tee, and a high-waisted shorts and I'm spicing it up with plaid pattern shirt. Wear an earcuff to an extra punk look.

    It's a big deal for girls, yes makeup! Overall my skin has a more matte finish, I'm wearing a soft black and sand beige eye shadows with a black liner along the inner lid. Finishing off with a deep black mix red lip color if you want to add more dimension 


      Famous Black Muscle Tee, I got that from Bali but I forgot which store:(
    Plaid shirt from Body&Soul
    High waisted short

    So, tell me which an honest looks are you? Sweet or Spice? Sweet as a sugar or Spice as a umm chilly perhaps? lol

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    "Are you Sweet or Spice?" was Posted On: Friday, July 25, 2014 @6:04 PM | 2 lovely comments
    Ghost of a girl that I want to be the most

    Thursday, July 3 2014


    Hey guys! Do you ever feel like you’re jealous to another girls?
    Especially to popular girls in your school? Yes. I’m jealous because, why? Because she is beautiful and I’m well, me. This is just how I really feel about myself, I think I'm "okay" looking though. But overall, I think I'm unattractive. There's much more prettier and beautiful girls out there, that there's too much that I can't even count. Everything they do is better than what I do. 
    Even when they make silly faces or act stupid. I wish I was more attractive. I honestly wish I was one of those girls. 
    When I got jealous, I lock myself away setting unrealistic goals for myself, because I'm not the person I want to be and I'm just a ghost of a girl that I want to be the most.


    Chanel shirt by HoneyBee
    Skirt by HoneyBee
    Boots by H&M

    Probably this is what you think that “I’m jealous because she’s pretty, I’m jealous because she’s good at thing! And I’m nothing compared to her” Well, the reality is Every girl is jealous of someone. Of course they do! Because we're here only human, when you see something you want that another has... it's natural to want it.
    So, the next time you’re looking at someone thinking “I wish I was that pretty” remember that another person is thinking that same thought about you.

    There are 3 types of women in my opinion:
    1. There are gorgeous women who don't have to do anything in order to get attention
    2. There are so-so girls who have to make up for their lack of looks  by being a partier
    3. There are ugly women who have no room to give any man a hard time and come off as the ultimate partier in order to seem as fun and approachable as possible.

    BUT HEEEY! We don't shame flowers for being too big or too little, too short or tall, too pink or too red, we just embrace them for their unique beauty, right? why don't we start doing that with ourselves?

    Earings by Forever 21

    And I told you BEAUTY isn't about having a pretty face, it's about having a pretty mind, pretty heart and pretty soul and we should keep it in our mind.  

    Bracelet by Forever21

    Here's a tips to deal a jealousy feelings:
    - You're prettier when you are happy
    - Be proud of who you are 
    - Be original
    - Love yourself
    - Empower yourself
    - Value yourself

      "Be yourself and stay unique. Your imperfections make you beautiful, lovable, and valueable. They show your personality"

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    "Ghost of a girl that I want to be the most" was Posted On: Thursday, July 3, 2014 @1:56 PM | 1 lovely comments

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